Ancient Jewellery from Private Collections. Rings. Catalogue of the collection

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The State Hermitage collection of ancient jewellery is one is one the richest in Europe. This catalogue includes only items acquired by the museum at various times from private collections. They form a special group as they have no archeological context. We have selected for publication rings and seals made from precious metals with the use of precious and semiprecious stones. The role assigned to rings in ancient times was diverse. Jewels were worn not only for their decorative character, but served as distinguishing symbols of class or personal seals and were as amulets, featuring depiction of guardian gods or magic symbols. The earliest items date from the late sixth century BC (Archaic Times) and the latest from the fourth century AD. They are arranged in chronological order, which allows the reader to follow the changes in their forms and decoration introduced with time or due to contacts with artists from other regions and the employment of new subjects in the gem compositions.The present edition is of interest for both specialists, including art historians, archeologists and restorers, and wider audience of those who love applied arts.

  • Author: Arsentyeva E., Gorskaya O.
  • Title: Античные ювелирные изделия из частных собраний. Кольца и перстни. Каталог коллекции
  • Title (English translation): Ancient Jewellery from Private Collections. Rings. Catalogue of the collection
  • Language: Russian
  • Publisher: Hermitage
  • Place of Publication: St. Petersburg
  • Year of Publication: 2019
  • ISBN: 978-5-93572-877-9
  • Size: 22x28 cm
  • Pages: 196
  • Cover: hardcover, dust jacket
  • Illustrations: color ill.
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